Still sober :)

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Still sober :)

Just posting an update as I posted the other day about my cravings and I'm proud to say I managed to get through it without caving. So glad I'm waking up fresh and free of guilt this lovely Sunday morning. Last night was tough, I finished work and it seemed alcohol was all anyone can talk about. I think yesterday was a challenge for me as normally it would have been a big drinking day, I'm in Scotland and there was a football match on that i would normally watch with friends and then the boxing too. Anyway I made it through without giving in. Nearly 2 weeks sober hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
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great going lpg - congrats

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Ggod for you lpg
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Thanks guys so far so good 😀
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Great! Well done! Keep up the good work!
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YAY are doing great! Glad to hear it.
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Great job!
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sober style
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No caving to the craving!
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Originally Posted by SnazzyDresser View Post
No caving to the craving!
Haha love it!!
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