Unfreakinbelievable. Need to stay strong.

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I'm really glad to hear you made it through the day.
I knew a guy that did some back ground / extra work so I understand you've gotta take what you can.
It's inspiring to hear about your struggle and success!
Thanks for checking in and sharing.
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Being Sober is Awesome
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Originally Posted by MrMcTell View Post
Top work. Well done.

I have to admit, I had to laugh when I read the opening post. Life is just ridiculous sometimes.

I guess it's funny now you made it through.

I remember a friend of mine worked a background artist on UK soap opera Eastenders in the famous pub The Queen Vic. She (normal drinker) was very upset that the "beer" was actually cold tea in a pint glass...

Other than that, my uncle was an extra in Johnny Thunderpants, described by Wikipedia as "a 2002 British-German family film about a boy whose incredible capacity for flatulence gets him a job as an astronaut." My uncle paid good money to see this film in the cinema, only to find that the scene he was in had been cut out of the final version.
Thanks!! Johnny Thunderpants lol
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Originally Posted by SteveAlex View Post
So I do background acting as sort of a hobby.
background acting??? what kind of alcoholic wants to be in the background!?!?!
I wanted EVERYONE to see what an arse I could make of myself!

good on ya,steve!

just realized that I don't think I ever used,"oh, I was just acting" as an excuse for my drunken behavior.
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wow if you can get through that you can get through anything!!

Great job.
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I hope it went well Steve. Stay strong man.
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Nice job! Be careful lest making it thru today cause a drop in focus in the next few days. Very nice job today! Stay vigilant!
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