Tripped over a mole hill...

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Arrow Tripped over a mole hill...

I was outside smoking a cig (gonna try to quit once I got 2 months without alcohol). I live out in rural farm area and it was dark and I was coming back in the house and tripped on a mole hill in our lawn. I caught myself but it was alarming because I had a flashback of so many times where I would be drunk and stumbling back to the house. I even fell flat on my face once and busted my nose. Just thought I share that even though we get sober we can still be a bit clumsy. So glad I am clean and sober today
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Ha! Here I read your post thinking "Tripping over a mole hill" was some sort of metaphor for you having relapsed!

Glad to hear that it was a literal mole hill and not a figurative one!
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Good one- the thought. Imagine what would have happened if you tripped when you were pissed.
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Yah. I used to trip and fall a lot when I was drinking.
I still trip, but not as much. It's usually because my mind is on other things.
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During the last several years of my alcoholism I was banging myself up pretty good.

I developed sleep apena and I left it untreated for a long time since I didn't want to see a doctor and be told that I was alcoholic.

For many years I was exhausted from the apnea and when you mix that with alcohol abuse I would pass out anywhere - usually resulting in falling face first out of a chair or smacking the back of my head on a wall. I can't count how many pairs of glasses I broke.

It was embarrassing having to go to work with rug burns, bruises and/or cuts on my face. A person can only come up with so many lame excuses.
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