Contempt towards normal drinkers!!!

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I don't feel contempt. For "normal" drinkers, drinking isn't a thing to them at all; they barely think about it. For drinkers like us, not drinking is our normalcy. For us, not drinking IS being a normal drinker.
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Originally Posted by Harley1973
Anyone else get angry when you see the normal people drinking and having a good time?
For me, this is bigger than just about drinking/not drinking. There are lots of things in life that I wish were different, but they just aren't and they never will be. I wish I were a statuesque 5'11" with long legs, but I'm absolutely not. No amount of wishing or being jealous of leggy folks will change that. All the time I spend wishing, wanting, and grasping at things that will never be is time wasted on the things I *do* have to appreciate in my life.

It's never really the thing that's eating at us, it's how we feel about the thing. Reframe how you feel about being a nondrinker and all the freedom it brings and you may struggle less.
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Originally Posted by tnman1967 View Post
And why do we think that so called normal drinking is normal? It's just a culturally and sociable accepted poison. Nothing healthy about drinking period, I don't care what the wine studies says about healthy for your heart etc. Enjoy life without the slavery of the bottle. Just imagine how much you can experience without drink.
Amen. I'm one of the "normal" people who's been able to be a "normal drinker." But I quit drinking after the pain I went through with my ex boyfriends alcoholism. I now associate alcohol with pain, denial, delusion, devastation and the greatest heartbreak of my life. There's nothing good about it. It's truly poison that has the ability to destroy lives. It's not worth the pain.

My boyfriend is now on done delusional life path back to his spiraling self sabatoge... thinking he can control his drinking, and he isn't in love with me anymore bc I was "controlling and demanding" by trying to help him with his sobriety and standing between him and alcohol. I sacrificed so much for him, and to see my relationship be blown to sh*t bc of his relationship with alcohol is one of the most devestating things I've ever experienced... along with the fact that I am basically waiting everyday for a call that he's dead from some tragic occurance.

Not worth it. Drink bubbly water, hug the people you love in your life, and know that you're missing out on nothing other than more pain in your life.

Besides all that, it makes you look old and fat, and who needs that?!

Stay strong, friend! You have the power in you!
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