Day 10

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Day 10

I'm on day ten, and I'm doing this all alone, apart from help on here, I can't ask for family help as I was so sneaky I was doing it behind there backs, my o.h.drinks maybe a beer or two at night while out working in the garage, so I said he couldn't smell it off me. Lol, but reading this keeps me motivated to stay strong, I've only been tempted once so far, but I know its just one drink to a very slippery slope for me, hope yous are all doing great, xx
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WELCOME. Lots of stuff to share and learn from.
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Being Sober is Awesome
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Great job!!! Double digits!
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If it works for you hanging out here, that is wonderful.

Do yourself a favor, if you start feeling a little squirrelly, please have a back-up plan already in place (like AA or something involving a local community of people who know what they're doing).

Have the plan in place so that you can lean on them before you hit "a beer or two out in the garage."

Good job so far.
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Do your best
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Nice job on day 10
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I won't be touching the beer as he counts them, I've been on this journey before had a year sober, then crashed and burned, so I think its just a habit he got into and still carries on, although I used to drink them then replace them before he got home, I used to drink his spirits then add water, no spirits in the house now,
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Reading on here, the lose of someone finally sank in with me I'm not immortal, I've a great husband two beautiful daughters and three wee grandchildren what a selfish person I am 😠
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Congrats on day 10! This site for me is a great tool when I can't make an AA meeting (or to be honest if I am feeling too lazy to drive to an AA meeting. LOL)
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