Is moderation even possible?

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No. I never could drink in moderation

Are there some alcoholics who can?

I really don't know. My guess is an alcoholic might be able to coast for awhile without problems but than.... bang.

He/she starts blowing it with the bottle all over again.
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Originally Posted by MrTumble View Post

I do think its possible to drink less, i've kind of done that myself, but the problem is, the drinking pattern remain, i.e. I would still drink every day, just less. The drinking would still be my main 'hobby'in life, even though I drank less of it.

This. I agree. I do not want my main hobby to be alcohol anymore.
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This comparison between smoking a cigar once in a while (which you don't inhale cigars anyway) and alcoholism has got to end.

What I'm hearing is that, "Hey, that guy over there is an alcoholic and he quit smoking and now he smokes a cigar once a year on the golf course, so I GUESS THAT MEANS I CAN DRINK IN MODERATION."

Alcoholics cannot drink in moderation because either their systems have been physically overwhelmed on a molecular level by long-term alcohol use or they are genetically incapable of processing alcohol normally, but either way they can never go back and drink safely.
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The above link is a big reason why many of us can't do moderation. We would need to start drinking alcoholically again just to avoid withdrawals. I know I would. So therefore moderation is not possible.
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Originally Posted by suki44883 View Post
Trying to moderate is torture, in my opinion.
So true. Getting off the merry go round and never thinking about how much I can/ will drink any given night... best decision of my life.
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Originally Posted by steve-in-kville View Post
I realize this is a recovery forum, and the vast majority of us are here because we are addicts, specifically alcoholics. But has anyone ever known anyone that was an alcoholic, and was able to "change their ways" and be able to moderate their drinking?

It seems the "success" stories are far and few between.
why would i ever want to drink in moderation? what's the point of that? If I couldn't be flat out crap my pants numb, why not just drink mineral water or a pop ?

Since numb drunk is really dangerous for me, chasing that possibility is just chasing suicide. not interested in the least.

this is a pointless topic imo. i know i could have just not posted, but when you really think about it...maybe just saying..."I'm struggling with a desire to drink. is there a possibility i could do it in moderation"?

Across the board it's a will NEVER be a yes. So i'll be the one to say it...i don't think this thread belongs here. imo it's too close to promoting the possibility.

There are plenty of people who are just trying to get through the next 5 minutes without having to have this staring contest thought process.

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I feel that I am on this board because I want to quit drinking. If I am here, it probably means moderation hasn't worked.
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No, it's not possible to indulge in an addiction in moderation indefinitely. By definition, that's not the way an addiction works.

I can smoke occasionally. I basically enjoy it until I start to get a cough. Then I probably finish up the pack I have, which lasts me over a week, and then I don't buy another pack for a long time. I'm not addicted to cigarettes. Which is not to say I won't have a headache from nicotine withdrawal, but it's not going to make me want to run out and buy another pack.
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Hi, I am new here and just read posts usually. I just wanted to mention something though. I just want to put it out there that I can neither drink or smoke cigarettes in moderation.

All it takes is 1 cigarette to make me want one later on. A week later at first, then 3 days later, then everyday until it's twice per day then 10 per day and so on. (This process can take weeks or months to set in).

I just don't want people to think that smoking addiction can be moderated for everyone that's been a smoker.

It can't for me, it couldn't for my brother, and it couldn't for my dad (who must have quit 500 times to moderate it, but just could never stop and would smoke for years at a time after "moderating") who died at 50 of a black heart which was black from smoke (his heart was actually full of smoke and tar) Also my grandad who died of lung cancer from smoking heavily. They had those times they moderated but never could keep it up.

For me, both alcohol and smoking can't moderated and it's dangerous to think they can, or if you see someone who "can" think twice about it. They might be in process of being a full time addict.

I just want to put that out there for anyone who thinks smoking can be moderated by people who were smokers. Please stay quit, smoking took most of my family.
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Welcome Wintercat. I'm so sorry smoking has devastated your family.
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Originally Posted by Wintercat View Post

I just want to put that out there for anyone who thinks smoking can be moderated by people who were smokers. Please stay quit, smoking took most of my family.
Wintercat, I'm sorry for the loss of your family because of smoking. Smoking also took my dad's life. It's no fun seeing your loved one be attached to tubes and still struggle to breath. My heart goes out to you.

I quit several years ago and hope it was in time. Praying my husband can kick that habit, too.
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Some people can drink in moderation.
The thing is, they don't know they're doing it, they're not making an effort to do it. They don't think about doing it, other than maybe occasionally saying "Nah, I better not have another, I have to go to work tomorrow."
They're not "moderating." That's just their natural drinking pattern.
Some people refer to them as "normies", though I don't really use that term.

Then there is us. I think that if you have to make an effort to "moderate", you probably shouldn't even be trying, because it probably won't end well. Just my opinion though.
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Originally Posted by CoffeeInstead View Post
I feel that I am on this board because I want to quit drinking. If I am here, it probably means moderation hasn't worked.
I Second this

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If I could moderate I would not be here.
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Hi Wintercat,
I hope my post didn't offend you, it certainly wasn't my intention to try to play down the dangers of smoking. I've heard many people say that smoking is the hardest thing to quit and I believe them, I know I'm in a very, very small minority of people who quit and never think about smoking a cigarette again. I wish I could say the same about alcohol!
I'm sorry to read about your family. My ex-wife (now best friend) is a smoker and I wish she would quit too, it scares me how dangerous and damaging to the body smoking is.
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Originally Posted by jazzfish View Post
The thing I noticed about people who moderate is that it is because they have a natural aversion to the effects of alcohol, not because they have implemented some plan.

I only have an aversion to drinking when I am 100% sober. As soon as I drink, drinking more sounds like a great idea. I have no natural aversion to the effects of alcohol. I know there are some sources that report a very small percentage of problem drinkers can go back to moderate drinking; but the odds are low, so very, very low, that it is not worth the risk.
Wonderful thread. And this post is like looking into a mirror. After just one drink, before I would even get buzzed at all, drinking nine more seemed like the best idea on Earth. That's something I can never forget.
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Ha! Just ask definition everyone is here because they failed to moderate successfully. Or they wouldn’t be on this forum. Literally everyone here has tried it. And no I didn’t ask, because one of the definitions of alcoholism is failure to moderate or control drinking.
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I should also add that toward the end of my drinking career I was surprisingly able to moderate (3-4 drinks). HOWEVER, every single time I did I felt utterly empty and unfulfilled, like going to a restaurant for dinner without having breakfast or lunch and only eating a small garden salad for an appetizer and nothing else. When I knew I would never be satisfied being a moderate drinker - that's when I knew it was time to quit.
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