Day 5...

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Day 5...

Hello Everyone,

Now, on day 5 and I am hanging on... Feeling much better physically. Head much clearer... In the past, this feeling used to be dangerous as I would tell myself: Oh, I am feeling so good today, how can a little vodka hurt? And, bingo. I realize that I had transformed my daily drinking into binging drinking (As dangerous of course...) I kept on doing this cycle: five/six days clean, then binge drinking for 2/3 days, and again... Of course, I hadn't tried to reach out during these last few months and finally, once I realize where I was heading... Again, I started coming here and checking out meetings (I will admit that meetings have never been something I really got into. And yes, I did quite a few. I just need more than meetings. That includes, sports i.e. yoga, walking, cross training, kickboxing all these things which I need to get back to by the way. I also do need certain meds and I am finally back on track with those. Finally, I need to force myself out of my shell, reach out to friends (non addicts), and most of all get back to my passions: film, fashion design, books, my dog, my family... and not in that order necessary of course.) I am not going to lie: Cravings, I sure have them. Since this morning, thought about drinking at least five/six times. Able to resist. During one craving, I even told myself; Well, if I drink now what am i going to tell my sober recovery family? (speaking about all of you guys...) Anyway, just wanted to give an update. I find writing here about every day really helps me getting grounded, honest, safe... Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the five days! I definitely recognize the mini-binge cycle, and I'm glad you're not giving into it!

Hanging on to the exercise thing really helps. (at least for me. at some point I realized that drinking heavily and kickboxing were just not compatible, and turns out I really like kickboxing.) Keep on keepin' on!
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Do your best
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Awesome job on day 5
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good for you. because you share it helps you- and it helps me, which helps us. GODD FOR US!!!!
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thats great Eve - keep going!

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5 days is great! Congratulations.

I also had trouble getting past about 5 days for years. I'm pretty sure it takes longer than that to get past the stage of being actively addicted to alcohol. It really does get easier if you can give it time. Remember: anything telling you to drink is your addiction/AV speaking and is a lie!

I found posting and reading here a lot every day has really helped me in the first few weeks. It helped keep that thought of "Oh everything is fine now! I might as well have a drink!" at bay.

Keep going!
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