A week in.

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A week in.

Hey, folks -

This is the first time in probably ten years I've not drank at all in a full 7 days. I've gone through periods of drinking both more and less, but this time I decided to all out quit since I find that "tapering off" for me tends to just be a nice fiction I construct in my head that doesn't actually lead to any reductions.

Thing is, I feel like my body doesn't know what's up any more. For the last five or so days, I've felt absurdly bloated and I'm retaining water like crazy. My face is puffed out, the scale is up, and my pants just don't fit right. I haven't altered my diet at all save for adding in a few supplements (milk thistle and magnesium notably), and I've been making it a point to stay active. (got that fitbit thing going, 10K a day or bust!) Nonetheless, people have commented that I look more ragged and tired than usual. Has anybody had anything similar happen? If yes, how long did it last? Any tips on how to make it all go away? It's kinda demoralizing.

ETA: I've been drinking liters upon liters of lemon water to try to flush out my system but it does not seem to be helping.
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Welcome and congrats on 1 week!

Yep, you're going to go through all sorts of changes over the next few weeks, months and even years. Some will be amazing, mind-altering and extra-terrestrial. Others will be kinda crappy.

Best advice is to have your safe places at the ready when the crappy ones hit. SR is a great one, as is working out, meditation, AA...the list goes on.

The first 30 days of sobriety for me resulted in my sleeping for nearly 10 hours per day and still feeling like I could drop off to sleep at a moment's notice. This will pass.

It took years (decades, for me) of abuse for us to screw up our brain chemistry and our bodies. We're not going to reverse that in a week, a month or even a year. But the journey IS worth it, trust me!
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Great work on a week! I know we all wish things would change overnight, but when you factor in a decade of beating the crap out of your body for booze, it will take some time for things to even out. It will get better every day, keep with it!
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oof, yeah. I really want a cure-all. I expected my moods to be all over the place, but the physical aspect of it was something I did not anticipate. The other aspect of it is figuring out how to navigate around my acquaintances who keep wanting to hit happy hours. So far I've avoided them by just saying that I'm "tired" and "have too much work to do" (which is true), but I know I need to squarely let them know they'll have to count me out going forward at some point if I want this to stick.

Thanks for the kind words. I'll keep on, I just hope this puffiness goes away soon.
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Congrats on a week
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Congrats on a week sober, but keep in mind that a week is very early and you are barely out of the physical withdrawal. Give yourself more sober time and I think you'll feel better. It takes a while for your body and brain to learn how to function normally again.
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Hi and welcome Wittywitless

If you've been drinking for years it's going to take a little time for your body (and mind) to recuperate. It's all very normal, if not much fun.

Of course if something has you really concerned there's no substitute for seeing a doctor

I'm glad you found us
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AS USUAL Dee stole my thunder. Support to you.
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