Six weeks sober, sleep problems.

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Originally Posted by Dexter1007 View Post
Hi, I'm about six weeks sober. I'm having trouble sleeping. I fall a sleep as soon as I get in bed but I wake up at about 4 am. I struggle to go back to sleep. Is this normal? Any advice? Thanks.
Look on the bright side, at least you can GET to sleep

Took me "forever" to get back to some semblance of regular sleep, first two weeks I barely slept at all, maybe 7 hours total for both weeks. A BRUTAL and un-pleasant experience, to say the least Alcohol messes up your brain chemistry a lot, as I experienced first-hand with that awful insomnia.
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Ya I have the opposite problem. I can't fall asleep and just lay there for hours. Once I do finally sleep it's only about an hour before I have to get up. Here's to hoping this gets better soon...
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I had trouble early on getting to sleep, and took trazodone for the first month or so. After that, once I got used to sleeping without drugs (pretty quick), I did find that I often woke up in the middle of the night, but could get back to sleep again. It faded within the first couple months, as I recall.

One tip I got in treatment was, don't eat high-protein dinners, eat early and make it heavier on carbs. Carbs give you energy that is quick but fades soon, while proteins are slow-burn and give you energy for many hours. The worst thing you can do is eat a big, late steak dinner.
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For my first six weeks of sobriety, I could fall asleep easily enough but wake up around four hours later with my brain racing, not allowing me to get back to sleep.

I guess since I drank myself to sleep for many years, my brain overcompensated for the alcohol by prematurely revving itself up each morning.

It did sort itself out shortly thereafter.
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