2,000 days sober today

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2,000 days sober today

I'm so grateful to be 2,000 days sober today - but to be honest I feel like a cheat because it sounds like I did it 2,000 times when in fact I did it once and just kept hold of it for 2,000 days. I am so grateful to be sober today. I had my last drink in a hospital bed 5 and a half years ago - I was drinking up to two 750ml bottles of vodka or whiskey a day and I'd been in intensive care 3 times in that year for acute pancreatitis - I should be dead.

I didnt get sober on my own and I didn't stay sober alone. My alcoholism was a disease of loneliness, a disease of thinking I knew best. I didnt get better through my own power or strength or will power. I did it through realizing that I was too sick, twisted and crazy to make decisions for myself and that I needed to seek the help and advice of those who had found sanity and wellness and could guide me step by step. I surrendered my will to them and I surrendered my will to God - I let them tell me what to do, day by day and minute by minute - sometimes it sucked and sometimes my will got in the way and I had to remind myself where my own best thinking and wisdom had got me - and then I surrendered all over again.

That's it - it really is that simple.

Thanks for reading and God bless you all. You can do it.
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Good story. Congrats. Good luck to enjoying future sobriety.
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welcome and congratulations sobercarpenter

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Behold the power of NO
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to SR and congratulations on 2000 days
I look forward to your contribution.
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Very well done my friend. Fantastic accomplishment.
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That's fantastic SoberCarpenter, welcome to SR and thanks for sharing!
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Fantastic accomplishment, SoberCarpenter!!!!!!!
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Amazing. Well done, and never look back \^u^/
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truly inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing and welcome to the SR family.
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Congrats on 2K!!!!

Thanks for sharing your strength and hope with us.
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Do your best
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Big congrats
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Congrats! Awesome post! Welcome to SR.
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