6 weeks sober today

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6 weeks sober today

Just posting a update that I'm 6 weeks sober today after having a relapse after 2 years of sobriety. All side effects of withdraw ended about two weeks ago and I feel great!! BUT that "feeling great" is what got me in trouble the last time, its amazing how that little voice tries to tell you its ok to drink when you feel better..
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Well done! And thank you for your words of advice - it's appreciated
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Harley- yep the mind trap. I have seen many fall from grace- feeling better- REWARD TIME!
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Yes it's like you can't handle good things after a lifetime build up on drama.
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6 weeks - that's so wonderful, Harley!
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Glad you're back and sober Harley. Don't ever let the illusion of alcoholism fool you again. You don't need alcohol to get thru life. It's a death sentence man.
Congrats on 6 weeks, keep us posted and don't drink.
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Great job! Don't forget to take it one day at a time
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As Cow would say, "Keepa Go."
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Congrats Harley!
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Do your best
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Well done Harley
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Congrats on 6 weeks Harley

I found checking in here, even after I 'felt good' kept me grounded and vigilant - it's gotta be worth a shot?

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