I Sweated Out a Horrible Cure

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I Sweated Out a Horrible Cure

I've been around here a long time, you wouldnt know it. I used to go under the username MadameX. Couldnt access the account, You know when your blacked out you change your passwords over and over...

One of the last times I wrote under that name I wrote I was "The designer of my catastrophe" ,,, Thats still true

Recovery,/rehab has not really helped me. While Im sober im miserable. Ive read the brain can atrophy and things get rewired, After a week long binge and sweating out a horrible cure, i cant stiill cant find happiness in anything other than my kids. They will be full grown adults soon, Then what? ... I wasnt always like this.

I find solace in my writing. I'm scared about what will happen when that runs out.
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Maybe therapy would help?
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under new management
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I am glad you are back, SoberChicNJ

Please be patient with yourself, your healing, and time.

We want to be recovered and happy right away, but really, it took us years to get to the state we are in.

Recovery takes work and time but it is so worth it.

I hope you stick with this, despite your discomfort. It really, really, really does get better.

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Have you tried AA or another recovery method?
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Hi Sober Chic

I think a lot of us assume recovery is going to be a sprint...don;lt drink for two weeks or a month an everything will be great.

When it doesn't turn out like that people get discouraged and, sometimes, return to drinking.

In someways tho recovery is more akin to a marathon - it takes tome for mind and body to heal and it takes time for us to adjust to a fundamental life change.

I don;t know how long you drank for, but I drank for took me several months to feel happy again..and a little longer than that again to really trust that feeling.

It's also not uncommon to experience a little depression.

If you think you might be depressed then seeing a Dr or a counsellor is also a good idea.

They have a saying in AA 'doin;t leave before the miracle happens'..don;t lose heart

good to see you back

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I also agree that therapy sounds like it would be a great option. Rehab will get you down the right path, but you need a solid follow up to keep going down it.
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Thank you all for your advice, truly.
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Google "Alcohol and Anhedonia"
Persistent alcohol use changes your brain chemistry. It's why we had to drink more and more (and more) to feel the buzz we wanted to feel. Just like it pushed the euphoric booze buzz further away, it also pushed other pleasurable things further away.

You have to be sober for months for that to self-correct.
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