I need help

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I need help

Hi everyone. So I'm recovering from a night of drinking again. Since mid 2015 I've noticed my drinking has started to become a habit.

My relationship recently had not been good, and a friend of mine was found dead on the 15th of march.

I keep using all this as an excuse to drink.
I'm using alcohol as a crutch and it needs to stop.

I'm only 28 and i really don't want to spend the rest of my life miserable and relying on alcohol.

I also suffer from anorexia so i never have anything to look forward to. I can't even eat without feeling guilty.

I've tried so many times to give up, bit i cant do it alone.

Can someone here on the forum help me stay sober? If i can have someone else on this journey to sobering up i think I'll be much more successful.

Thanks for reading.
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TLC- thanks for the share and welcome. Everyone here will support you. The world is full of alcies. Because of the dietary and alcohol health issues- I think you should see a doctor. To heal- you have to take a holistic approach. My behaviours of drinking were due to deeper spiritual/emotional stuff- which caused dysfunction in all areas of my life. Getting there now. It needed me to have (and still have) prof support, meetings, journal - a sobriety plan (info at SR in newcomer's- Dee's 'ps- wanna know.....plan?' or perhaps the sticky's. On the ground support is so important. SR is excellent as well.
Perhaps join the Class of March 2017' thread. There are also specific threads for drugs addiction, mental health, mens and women only.
Keep posting. PJ
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Hi there-

I believe in you. I noticed that I had a problem at age 28 as well. It took me a few more years of misery before I got sober at 32. I've also struggled with an eating disorder. A double whammy. Stop now. Easier said than done because you don't know how, right? Have you thought about AA? You don't need to continue to go if you hate it...but try out a few meetings. Folks are very nice and its helpful to have women you can call at any hour to chat about anything. I feel so blessed to have an arsenal of fabulous ladies of all ages who will drop everything and talk to me. I really think it will help you. Google meetings in your area.

I believe in you.

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Hello lucky,
I can tell you that there are many people here who will help you. SR is fantastic. I would have given anything to have the sense you do to quit drinking at such an early age. You can live the rest of your life sober and happy.

I'm with PJ though. I think proper nutrition is vital when first getting sober. There is absolutely no shame in getting the help of your doctor. Keep posting and let us know how we can help
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Welcome TLC,

sorry for you loss. With your dual addictions you need to have a strong plan and be careful to follow it. Good luck and keep coming back.
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Hi Lucky and welcome to SR. We're here for you. Ask us anything that will help you combat the disease. The key to a sober life is not drinking. So don't drink. Sounds simple and it really is. Get all the info you can about alcoholism. Remember it's a deadly disease. If left untreated it will eventually kill you. Make no mistake about it.
Join a support group. Come here every day. Don't drink. As time passes, you won't obsess about getting drunk. Trust us, it gets much easier with time.
Hang in there, and don't drink.
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Really thanks so much everyone. I know I'll want to drink again tomorrow. I'll stay active on here to stay sober. From today i really want to change. I can't do it alone.
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Welcome Lucky Cat, glad you have decided to change your life earlier rather than later, it gets progressively harder the longer you let the addiction dominate your life.

Wont lie, it's not easy, there are going to be some trying times ahead, but I have found at least that a forum to talk out, and read other peoples experiences has been a Godsend.

I probably going to sound like the broken record, but to echo others; quitting the alcohol is hard enough in itself and plays havoc with your brain chemistry, digestion and general body function. So add on the fact that your eating disorder is also having at go at all the same things simultaneously, that's reason enough to seek some medical advice ASAP before things might get out of control.

But, it's good to know that you have made the decision to change, that in itself is awesome.

Keep us all updated
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