Auto show without drinking.

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Auto show without drinking.

I went to the Dallas auto show today with my friends. First time in 5 years. I had been bringing a flask full of whiskey for the previous 15 years before that. Getting a swig in little tucked away places or in the new cars themselves. Drinking before, during and buying everyone drinks afterwards at some downtown bar. Blowing money, making an ass out of myself and not remembering crap about the show. Oh how things were different this time. Only went with one couple. Enjoyed the new autos. We had a great lunch afterwards. I remember the models I liked. It was AWESOME. Sobriety is good folks. Little things will return to you over time that make you happy and feel alive again.

Just don't drink. You're body, mind and emotional health will return. It's worth it. Trust me. Just give it time and never give in. Never.
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For 27 years my main activity in life was drinking and I structured my life around it.

Everything I did had to involve drinking and if I had to do anything that didn't involve drinking I was miserable and couldn't enjoy it because I wanted to drink.

It was an exhausting, depressing way to live but for so long I was a slave to the bottle and didn't know (or feared) how to change.

I am 5 months sober and so happy and content - I never want to go back to that misery.
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My life has really come into focus the past few weeks. Its sad how the bourbon had me so foggy for so long (10+ years). I find I am actually enjoying hobbies, not just reading and dreaming about them.
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