I feel like getting trashed tonight

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I feel like getting trashed tonight

I'm off tomorrow and that hopeless boredom feeling is really depressing me tonight. Nothing to do, nothing to look forward to. Almost 2 weeks sober, but whats the point? Would rather be so out of it I don't have to feel boredom. Well, another boring depressing night I guess.
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Make some plans for tonight and tomorrow.

If nothing else log on here, post a little, read a little, check out the arcade here.

Just don't drink. You've already come that way and it was awful - thats why you're here.

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Hey frog, you have to learn new things to do. In the first few months I had to force myself to do things to keep busy. Eventually you find things you like and the boredom goes away. Try to be positive my friend
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That is the have to find things to do to replace your drinking time. Also make sure to eat. Even if it is a small thing like fruit. It really does help. Hang in there. If you go back to drinking you put yourself in constant withdrawal again. We don't like constant withdrawal. We hate it.
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Feel like now- regret tomorrow
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During my 27 years of daily drinking I tried to quit hundreds of times. Most of the those times I never made it through the day. I too thought I would be bored without booze.

Today I am almost 5 months sober and I am so energetic and busy I can't find time to be bored. Between work, school, AA, hobbies, etc. I don't have enough hours in the day.

When I was drinking I was either hungover or drunk. That is boring.
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Hope you change your mind Froghat. If you drink, you will just be drunk and bored instead of bored. Plus you will have the added hangover and shame tomorrow morning.

What about trying something else? See or rent a movie. Go got the library and find something interesting to read. Bake a pizza. Take a walk. Call someone you haven't talked to for a while and ask them how they are doing . Lots and lots of options out there.
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It's always better to be sober thinking about drinking than to be drinking wishing to be sober.
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When my kids were small, they would whine that they were bored.
When I was a kid, I would whine that I was bored.
The answer back from people was always the same "Go and find something to do"
You think that thing to do should be drinking? You think 2 weeks sober is pointless, but turning yourself into a cabbage for the night isn't?
You are going to mess with your brain chemistry and spend days picking up the peices because you are bored?
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Yep, you'll have to find something to occupy your time. I'm thinking you probably had other interests at one time, besides drinking?
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" I was not too well at the time, and was plagued by waves of self-pity and resentment. This sometimes nearly drove me back to drink, but I soon found that when all other measures failed, work with another alcoholic would save the day. Many times I have gone to my old hospital in despair. On talking to a man there, I would be amazingly lifted up and set on my feet. It is a design for living that works in rough going."

There is always that I suppose.
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sober style
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Originally Posted by Done4today View Post
It's always better to be sober thinking about drinking than to be drinking wishing to be sober.
Man, ain't that the truth.

froghat, 2 weeks is very early in the game, don't pack it in now. Good things take time, new habits need to take root, hang in there.
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good on ya for 2 weeks!
I had to learn how to have fun and enjoy life without alcohol and that took longer than 2 weeks and also involved me getting into action and trying stuff.

after a while being sober and learning how to have fun and enjoy life, it occurred to me I was bored- I was lazy. theres always something to do.
the real thing I had to do was change my perception
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How are things today froghat?

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Perhaps he's drinking again dee. I really hope not.
This is what gets me about the disease. We know drinking is not the answer, but yet we go right back to it again? It's the insanity. It drives us insane. What else can it be. We quit for a certain amount of time, then right back at destroying ourselves.
I don't get it.
Froghat the only way you're going to beat this is by taking action. Get busy, get a plan and stick with it. Alcoholism never stops. It's always busy. You have to have be also.
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I bump threads cos I want people to know that their threads are followed and we care what happens to them.

It also gives people who perhaps didn't post before a chance to post now

Hopefully we'll hear from Froghat again soon.

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Hey Froghat, I don't venture much outside of 2 threads on this forum but yours caught my eye. I too was struggling a bit early in the game but logging in here during weak moments brought me to my senses and I am so grateful! I am at 109 Days and it has become more 'normal' to be sober! I have learned to have fun sober and not be so shy sober! I stay really busy piddling (tinkering) in my garage and I have grown quite fond of my Root Beer. My life is much less complicated than it used to be as I am not ruled by booze. Hang in there, you will be GLAD you did! The days ADD UP!
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You probably wouldn't care too much for that decision in the morning.
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Hope you didn't drink buddy. Many prayers and concerns for you. Comeback soon.
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