Mood swings?

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Mood swings?

I think something is off. I think it has to do with the time change. Seems I go from being really upbeat and happy, to all out irritable. I think I've been allowing stupid little things bother me subconsciously.

Any ideas?
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Try mindful meditation/breathing. I get stuff like you. The breathing stuff does not make me feel all guru-happy, but it helps me cope. Lots of stuff at SR- anywhere to get guidance, music- even a virtual meditation leader so you have a voice to listen to...
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My moods is unpredictable.

When I first got sober I was a mess in the morning and I had a hard time facing the day. The only time I felt half way decent was when I was done with all my obligations for the day and home relaxing before bed.

I am still slow moving and getting started in the mornings but my mood gets better as the day goes on.

I was heavy into mindfulness and meditation the first 2 or 3 months of sobriety but now at almost 5 months sober I am so busy with work, school, AA and other hobbies I don't think about drinking or anxiety or depression as much.
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Steve, such mood swings are very common in early sobriety. Things tend to smooth out with time.
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Mood swings are pretty normal early on.

If they persist you may want to see a psychiatrist.

Keep us posted.

You are doing a great job.
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Happens to me to. Usually, I feel great until near the end of my day. Irritable and sleep deprived lol I'm aware of it though so i adjust to it.
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18 months here and I still have mood swings every now and then. They are usually to do with me having something going on that is bothering me and im not reaching out about or simply I am just having a day or moment. We are human like everyone else and will have mood swings. Like the book says we do have a slight mental twist . When I feel like that I do a few things to help listen to music, call my sponsor or do something for someone else, that always gets me out of my self. But yes it is completely normal (at least for me) Don't sweat the small stuff
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I think its human nature to analyze many things when we make a major life change like quitting drinking. But sometimes things are just what they are. I look for patterns and if I start to see a "bad" pattern then I start trying to find out the source of it. If that makes any sense.
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I hear you about the mood swings! I'm all over the place too. I thought I was going to cry earlier because I couldn't get the computer to do something. I can go from fine one minute to snapping at my bf a moment later over nothing important at all. Good times!
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