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Hello everyone,

Another day with the alarm at 0445h. Mornings are way easier and HAPPIER when sober. Another nice day ahead playing with planes, then I'll be off to the gym which i started back a week ago. I liked to go there before, but between you and I, it wasn't worth it when you get packed after each session. No real gain of any sort.

Have a good day everyone!
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you too jofafa

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I used to dread mornings, now I love 'em! Funny how that works
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Agreed! Make it a great day.
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Mornings are now my favourite time of day.
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Personally my mornings were pretty bad for 18 months after I quit.

One of the true joys of getting sober though was when I was first able to fall asleep at night without chemical assistance and discover I could get up at 6/7 and be on time for work, cope with day without the world ending.
I mostly enjoy mornings now...sometimes I just have to ignore my head until I've had a shower and the world looks brighter

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The minute you wake up you have something to feel good about! Pity the poor non-alcoholics.
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