Day 9 cleared.

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Day 9 cleared.

I have always battled drink since i was about 23 (im 33 now) going from one binge to the next. I have had 1-3 month stints of abstinence here and there but one thing i have learnt is that i cant be trusted with moderation.

No matter how hard i try it always creeps back in, a couple of drinks at a time until im finishing a bottle of spirits.

I think i have finally go to the end, if i dont stop now i feel like this will be the end of me.
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Great that you have stopped drinking and realised that it really does nothing positive for your mind or body
I can't moderate either, tried many times. When I finally accepted that I am an all or nothing girl, I chose nothing and it's been the best decision.
I hope you choose nothing too
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Well done on giving up.
I've been an on and off alcoholic for the best part of 30 years, with many bouts of sobriety up to 2 years in one case.
Stopping drinking has never been my problem, staying stopped, that's been the struggle.
I'm sure there are some with the personality that can go back to moderate drinking, but I'm for sure not one of them.
My brain has always been able to come up with creative reasons to have
'just one drink' that wont hurt!
All it takes is one drink, and all my sobriety is out the window, and it's off to the races.
I 'think' that for most alcoholics our brains are just wired to be either, all in, or all out.
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I get ya macraggan, poppy and rapidman. I'm an all or nothing kind a girl too. X
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Congrats on 9 days you got this.
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