Best friend is a drug dealer

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Went to ER because i was feeling very depressed and suicidal after my recent relapse. He phoned me when i was in hospital and i told him that i was in hospital, very depressed and suicidal. I hung up on him.

Hours later he phoned back and said what's with all that suicidal ********?

I hung up and now cutting him out of my life. Changing phone number. The only problem is, when i've been depressed in the past and switched phone off he comes knocking on my door. If he comes knocking on my door i'm going to tell him straight.
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I'm sorry you felt so low Doubter but I applaud your decision to cut this guy loose

Are you feeling a little better today?

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Glad you got some help Doubter. Good call on cutting this person out of your life too, you've got better/more important things to work on.
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Not going to comment on the dealer part.. whatever is in YOUR best interest.
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There's a morality component that's part of being sober, and that means not hanging out with criminals.
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Your friend needs to respect your wishes. You don't influence them in a negative way and it needs to be the same back. Once it keeps happening, then that's a bit disrespectful I think.
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