First week sober.

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First week sober.

G'day, I have just cleared my first week without drinking, I have stopped before and im not looking forward to whats coming my way at all.

But im almost certain this is it for me, either i stop or its gunna be the end of me.

So here I go, gunna give it my absoloute best!
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Way to go on your first week! Keep going and keep posting
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way to go mccraggen

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Great job! Keep going!
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I have been binge drinking on and off for about 7 years or so, at my worst i would drink a bottle of whisky and change 2 nights a week which im really ashamed of. im 33 now and just hoping my body can come back from all this.

Thanks everyone!
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Welcome! your body can, amazingly, recover far better than you think. But it takes time. Early recovery is not easy at times, but so worth it.
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Congratulations on seven days. That is a long time to go without a drink.

I remember wondering how I could get back to 21 days, my previous record. The answer was one day at a time. I stopped counting, mainly because I didn't really believe it would work, and next thing I knew my sponsor called and told me I had been sober for 90 days. No one was more surprised than me. I never looked back.

I guess the improtant thing was what I did regarding recovery on each of those "one day at a time" I put a big effort in, just for the day, and piece by piece was able to build a solid recovery. No reason you cant do that. All the best
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Stay sober. You may see some of us who have quit complain sometimes about being bored or whatever but its still much better sober than having to fight hangovers and ill feelings not to mention relationship issues.
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Hey mccraggen,

I'm like you - 32 and a binge drinker. That crap wreaks havoc on your body and is totally not worth it! I want to be around for a while to experience life.

Congrats on a week! Just remember how terrible you feel after a binge. Ugh I get anxiety just thinking about it. I'll stay sober from now on, thank you very much.
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I was about your age when I got sober.

I hope that you join us.

It's been a great life for me.
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Thanks a lot guys! Im pushing through the uncomfortable and familiar recovery symptoms, for me they peak at usually 3-4 weeks so not looking forward to it..
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Your body should be able to recover just fine. I'm amazed at how much abuse I inflicted on myself and I emerged relatively unscathed. One caveat, based on what I've seen among older people, I do think that the damage is cumulative and that at some point the body does begin to break down.
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Originally Posted by Mccraggen View Post
. im 33 now and just hoping my body can come back from all this.

Thanks everyone!
Yes your body will come back. Please don't throw away your 30's to drinking. I swear that is what I did and regret it. I continued to my early 40's and stopped now almost midway and decided I didn't want my 40's to be like my 30's. Before you know it a whole decade will vanish in a blur and you will have accomplished zero to show for it.

You are young and your body is strong in the 30's. Enjoy it by being healthy and feeling strong.

Nothing good comes from overindulging on a consistent basis.
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A week is great. I remember when I couldn't go 2 days. Keep it up and as you know, you will feel better and better. That's for certain.
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