Two Weeks Sober

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Two Weeks Sober

Well, two weeks ago on Sunday morning I woke up hung over. It wasn't a terrible hangover, but the guilt and shame were immense. You see, I had some fun things planned for Sunday and now I knew that I would have to do them feeling slightly nauseous, not being able to think clearly, and probably looking like crap as well. At that point I made the decision to quit alcohol completely. It's simply not worth the pain it causes. I also worry about the health implications of my drinking, and know that the best thing to do is just stop NOW.

Well, two weeks later and I feel great . I've been to a couple AA meetings, but to be honest I didn't like the vibe of either of them. I'm trying a new one next week - hopefully third time's the charm! In the meantime I wanted to introduce myself to the SR community. I'm really serious about quitting this time and the posts here have already helped me so much these past two weeks. So keep it up! Together we can beat this and live fulfilling lives free from addiction.

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!
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Welcome to SR and congrats on 2 weeks Luke! You'll find a lot of support and knowledge here, hope you can stick around and join in on conversations.
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Welcome and congrats on 2 weeks!

It just keeps getting better, I look forward to seeing you around SR
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Welcome and congrats. Very smart to quit before things get bad, cause they always do.
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Good job, I'm sure you feel more refreshed when waking up in the morning
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Glad to meet you, Luke. It's great you are free of that toxic stuff. Congrats on your 2 weeks of sobriety. You'll find us an encouraging group - good to have you here.
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Originally Posted by Luke48 View Post
I've been to a couple AA meetings, but to be honest I didn't like the vibe of either of them. I'm trying a new one next week - hopefully third time's the charm! !


I just started going to AA about 10 weeks ago..I go to 6 or 7 meetings per week.

I have been to about 15 or 20 different meetings and meetings with different formats (Big Book study, discussion, lead meetings, men only).

I have found some that I really like and keep going back to, I have found some where I went once and never went back, and their are some that I went to regularly and then stopped going because it was stagnant I wasn't getting anything out of it.

The meetings that are really bad to me are the ones where most of the people are there because they are court ordered. I get the most out of the meetings where the people are there because they want to be there.

I find variety is the key.
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Hey, thanks for the kind words everyone! I'm committed to staying on this sober train and glad to see there are so many out there that feel the same
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welcome, Luke, and way to go on two weeks!

took me a while to find the 'right' meeting, but i did.
if that's the path you want to pursue, you will find one.
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Stay sober my friend!
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Welcome to the family and congrats on two weeks sober! That's a good start.
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