Eating like a Grizzly Bear!

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Eating like a Grizzly Bear!

Good morning folks, another lovely day in sobriety. Made a lot of headway in my attitude towards things, made peace and accepted some things, but that's a thread for another time. Anyways, maybe this belongs in the Fitness & Nutrition forum, but I shall post it here instead...

Here as of late my eating and sleeping habits have really changed. I know our bodies will constantly adapt once sober, but I've never had something so substantial like this before.

I did the math and I am eating like 4 whole meals a day, plus snacking in between. Granted, I do not eat a lot of wheat or processed food. Lots of clean protein and tons of fresh fruit and cooked veggies. (think paleo diet) I didn't count calories yet, but I am still cycling to work when the weather suits and running/hiking about twice a week. The scale says I fluctuate about 5 - 7 pounds throughout the week (water weight, I guess?). I do drink lots of water at work, seltzer at home. In all the previous stints of sobriety, I never ate so much in my life! Perhaps the days are getting longer? Please tell me this is normal!!

I was really hoping to drop some pounds this spring for running season, but it ain't happening at this rate!!
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When I got sober, my appetite was very good. In fact, my sweet tooth kicked in with a vengeance (something about the body craving the sugar from the missing alcohol). I put on quite a bit of weight, but I started to walk daily and the pounds started to come off. As long as you're eating healthy and exercising, I wouldn't worry. The main thing is staying sober!
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During my first month or so of sobriety I lost about 20 pounds due to a poor appetite; I was depressed and anxious and I was walking a lot to try and burn adrenaline.

But as time went on my appetite got better and now I may be overeating - I sometimes feel I just traded my alcohol addition in for a food addiction.

I am going to let it go for now until I am very secure in my sobriety then I will try to control my food intake - I get really cranky and anxious when I am hungry.
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During my bouts of sobriety I've actually found my weight, and more importantly my body fat decreases, even though I tend to eat more.
Remember alcohol isn't without calories, even the deceptive spirits, a bottle of gin is 1500 calories all by itself, without any mixer.
The other point to remember is that your liver is the best fat burner you have, but it prioritizes metabolizing alcohol before anything else, so food calories do tend to run to fat.
Others may have a different experience for me, but sobriety, when I can stay on the wagon, generally results in me eating more, but better, while still shedding pounds
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Hey Steve,
I ate everything in the house the first few months. Especially ice cream😊 It was my go to when cravings hit. After a few months I gradually returned to a normal diet. I didn't have to try it sort of just evolved on its own.

Ive dropped about 15lbs. Seems like that started after a. Iue of months sober.

Sounds like your doing great. I say eat away my friend. Anything is better than our liguid diet. Everything will even out. Have a great day😀
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people also gain and lean out too even. I"ve seen some pics of folks like that start out one weight then gain 15-25lbs and lean out and look a lot better.

the number on the scale isnt always the main thing to focus on. Sometimes its about how you feel hows your fitness is it improving etc... Are you happy are you sad do you feel strong energetic etc.. Same with calories not all calories are equal eat 5000 calories of twinkes vs 5000 calories of bananas and tell me how that goes.

sounds like your body is just happy to get some good grub and is like bring it on!
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Yes, I think this is par for the course for a lot of us Steve. This subject is discussed here quite frequently but there can really be a lot of reasons for it. If you are concerned that it's affecting your general health speak with your doctor of course. Some theorize that it's your body trying to make up for the lost carbs that you were consuming when drinking, especially if you drank a lot of beer which is loaded with empty carbs. Others would suggest that it's a "replacement' addiction. But just like alcoholism, it's usually more productive to try and address the things you can address today rather than trying to search for all the "why" answers.
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Sounds like you are already on a great path with your clean eating. I was hoping I would drop weight quickly when I quit, as I have previously, but it didn't happen this time. I think it's harder to lose as I get older (42). My grandpa always said "Getting older isn't for sissy's!"

I gave myself a lot of leeway at first, I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. After a month or so I switched to clean eating, but I wasn't monitoring my intake. Now more than two months in I'm paying attention to macro's and getting more exercise, I've lost about 8 lbs.

It's all part of the lifestyle change, I know every day I am getting healthier so I'm not going to stress about the weight too much. It will happen.

You sound like you are in a better place mentally Steve, good for you!!!
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I am eating like a horse now. About the first month or two after a relapse I always eat a ton of food. But thats because when I'm on a bender I stop eating and my body is starving for proper nutrition. I eat a lot of chocolate, coffee and pop that seems to be the only things that works well for cravings!!
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