2 years sobriety gone

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2 years sobriety gone

Well I'm 15 days sober after blowing 2 years sobriety. I went to AA during that period, got a sponsor, worked the steps and read the big book countless times. Hell I've read it 4 times in the past 2 weeks.

It all started about about 6 weeks ago, had 3 beers one night with friends and all went well, fast forward two days later and I try it again but this time a 6 pack. I don't have to tell you what happened over the course of the next 2 weeks, but I will tell you I ended up in a detox for 4 or 5 days. (what a nightmare that was I've never been to a detox).

Don't know why I'm posting this other than to share with others how crucial it is that we do NOT take that first drink no matter how long we have being sober. The disease will come back and it will come back 10 times as bad. Trust me I just went through 2 weeks of hell dealing with withdraw symptoms. Today is the first day I've fell really good.
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Glad you made it back alive, and welcome back to the forums.

I returned to drinking after many years sober, I get it. I won't make that mistake again. I bet you won't, either.
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Sorry to read that Harley my biggest fear is thinking I can drink normally after putting some distance from my drinking hell.
Your post is a great reminder never to take that first drink! Ever!
Congrats on hopping back on the wagon sooner rather than later and you should be proud that you did 2 years before your slip, very proud.
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Welcome back. Glad you made it through that!
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A Day at a Time
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Welcome so many never make it back. Cunning, baffling and powerful. Without help it is too much for us but there is one who has all power
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Now what?
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"2 years sobriety gone"

I wouldn't say it's gone. You'll always be able to say you had it ...

Just a different perspective.
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I hear you.

Good luck.
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Thank you, Harley! This is a helpful reminder for everyone. I did the same thing with 3 yrs. sobriety - but I didn't belong to SR then & didn't seek support. I went out for 7 yrs. I'm happy you had the sense to get back on track relatively quickly. Great to have you here.
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Thanks for the replies.. Over the course of my 20some year drinking career I've had a few months sobriety here and there and I've had my relapses but none of those relapses compare to the one I just had after 2 years sober. This time around I was drunk 24/7, if I was awake I was drinking and this time around it was blackout drunk, those 2 weeks are a blur. This time around was completely different its like the addiction came back with vengeance. All I know is some time around that tail end of the bender I told my wife I need help this time and I had her drive me to a rehab facility for detox. I knew I had to get myself to a safe place where I could not have access to alcohol. Hopefully this post will save someone else who is having those thoughts of being a "Normal Drinker"...
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Unfortunately you gave up 2 years sober, but it sounds to me like you learned a very valuable lesson. Good thing you caught yourself before you lost yourself for good.
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Thanks for this reminder, Harley. I also started "redrinking" after a year sober. With me it wasn't that I physically drank so much over those 3 weeks, but my mind was just overrun by the compulsion all over again, so much that a crash was inevitable.

This site and AA really helped me ask for help.

I'm glad you're on the road back to sanity!
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glad to hear you got the cork back in the bottle. not all make it back.
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Thanks for posting Harley! I am coming up on two years in a few weeks and there is occasionally those thoughts that a few beers can't hurt because I got this under control now.

Congrats on two years and getting back quickly to sobriety! Best of luck!
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Thanks for your post. A good reminder to me to stay vigilant and never think it will be ok to drink again.
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I'm glad you made it back Harley.If this is what it takes to get you to accept that there's no going back, at least some good has come from it.

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Thanks for the post Harley, Love & Strength to You
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Glad to see you back, Harley. You did it before. You can do it again. Here when you need us.
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
I'm glad you made it back Harley.If this is what it takes to get you to accept that there's no going back, at least some good has come from it.

wise words, D.
..truly scary stuff. I'm glad you made it back, Harley.
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I am glad you are back Harley. Thank you for sharing your story, it is a good reminder for all of us.
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Welcome back and don't beat yourself up. As Dee said, now you really know. Thanks for the reminder that my disease is doing pushups waiting for me to think I can control it.
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