Freaking Out!!! What does this mean?

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Freaking Out!!! What does this mean?

Hey guys so the pass 5 days I've been drinking heavily. 5-6 vodkas a night before I pass out. This morning I woke up and had to use the restroom and noticed that my stool was bright yellow/pale. This is the first time I've noticed this and I'm really worried that I have done major damage to my organs. Has anybody experienced this before and what can I do to help myself?
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Please go to the doctor.
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Originally Posted by watnow78 View Post

what can I do to help myself?
Stop drinking and as mentioned above, "see your doctor."

Your body may be talking to you?

Always best to listen.

Join us in sobriety for the good sober life.

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You've only posted a few times, but it's always prompted by a health scare. Yet not enough of a scare to get you to quit. At some point the drinking will catch up with you. Hope you can decide to quit.
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haven't experienced it, but I think the folks above have given good advise on what to do.
personally I don't know what you want help with. do you want help with your stool? stopping drinking?

something you can do is go back through your few posts from the last 5 years. it appears nothing has changed, which makes the statement
if nothing changes then nothing changes
quite true for ya.
quite insane,eh?

do you want to stop drinking? do you want to change?
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As many have mentioned, you'll need to see a doctor to get advice about medical issues. We have no way of diagnosing you here or any way of knowing if it's related to your drinking or not.

I can say that drinking 5 or 6 vodkas every night before you pass out is a really, really bad idea...have you considered quitting?
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When the fear of staying the same is greater than the fear of change recovery can take root. Many never get to this point and they die from one of a multitude of alcohol induced deaths.

If you are honest with yourself you already know what the problem is and you know the solution
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It has happened to me. Eventually, I ended up seeing a doctor for a different issue, and it came up, not because I wanted to mention it but I was already busted for alcohol-related health problems... so much for hiding it.

Still, I only want to echo what others have said: this is a matter for medical professionals. I can also tell you about headaches I've had, but I can't diagnose a headache in someone else.
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Hey guys,

sorry but i should have given a bit more back ground info on me before i post this thread. So, back in September 2016 i saw my doctor and did a full panel of blood tests and they also did an ultrasound. My AST was 95 and ATL was 78. Both i was told by my doctor were really high, and the ultrasound came back negative for liver, pancreas, and kidney damage.

This was a good thing, but i was very scared about my liver levels so i stopped drinking for 50+ days. This was very hard to do and many mood swings later i started to feel normal again. Then in November 2016 i went back to my doctor and did more blood work and both liver levels came back to normal. I felt great abut myself and said if i do start to drink again, that it would be no more than 2 drinks no more than 2 nights per week. And i have been doing very well on maintaining this since December 2016. I had a follow up appointment February 27 2017 and still everything is in working order.

But just last week i started to drink more and more having 5-6 drinks a day for 5 days and thats when i noticed the change of color in my stool and i freaked the EFF out and came to this site to ask about it. I simply was looking for those who have experienced this before and what it could mean. As of today the color is back to normal, and i have made another doctors appointment for this Friday to do more blood work. I just hope that i havent done major damage to my liver or other organs.

I feel that i do have the ability to stop drinking for periods of time, and i find that when i drink its due to boredom and loneliness. This can be the problem i need to address and overcome.

I will update you all with the results.

Thanks for listening!!
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Originally Posted by watnow78 View Post
Hey guys,

But just last week i started to drink more and more having 5-6 drinks a day for 5 days

Thanks for listening!!
Thats why they call it a progressive disease.
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It's important to understand you can have liver damage even with normal liver numbers. GGT is another liver enzyme you might want to check. Let us know what the doc says.
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I had symptoms and lab values like that. Quit. Back enjoying life and pretty healthy.

My best friend (same age as me) also had these symptoms and lab values. He kept messing around, and had the saddest funeral I've ever witnessed.

Here's how it works: health scare, go back to drinking, health scare, go back to drinking. After a completely unpredictable amount of times, the news that you've done something irreversible and can't drink, or you die early (and can't drink).

Think of how grateful you could be for making a positive decision that will benefit everyone you love. Jump into recovery and participate/ learn all you can. Leave the worry and regret behind!
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Could be bile due to lack of absorption in your small intestine, pancreatitis, liver disease, anything. See a doctor.

Alcohol is pretty nasty on your digestive system.
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I had a multitude of health problems well before I quit. I played all kinds of mental gymnastics trying to convince myself that I didn't need to stop for good. Of course, things just continued to escalate until I found myself in the ER, convinced I was going to die. I hope you realize that total sobriety is really the only answer before you get to that point. I wish you well.
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