A month of healing

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A month of healing


I have not been on the forums in a while because I quit smoking and hibernated/exercised for one month. Ending my cigarette addiction was important to me and I suffered through the initial physical and mental pain so I could regain my self respect.

My 12 step companion app says I am 20 months sober. I'm feeling strong, independent, and calm. One important part of my recovery program is avoiding bars and smoking dens. I always felt bad after being in such places and now I realize that they are not full of healthy, strong people. Today I am more healthy and strong than I was before.

I go to meetings, I see a counselor, I exercise, and I try to eat healthy, nourishing food 75% of the time.

My last semester of law school is underway and I have to begin preparing for the bar exam. I am scared, on my own, but capable of doing what is necessary to move forward.

I will try to be on here more often to be a voice supporting others who are working to free themselves from addiction.

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great March.

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Great job man, I remember your posts from 2-3 years ago.. what a lot you've accomplished in your personal life! Really impressive.

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Really pleased to read that great update Ach

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Your post demonstrates a wonderful inner strength. I understand the feeling of facing a challenge alone but that was always because I was too proud or scared to ask for help, or I never thought to pray for it.

If you need any support while you face your bar exams, you can always post here. If you have a spiritual belief, then you may also know that you're never truly alone. I am sure you will pass your exam and go onto marvellous things.
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Thanks for checking in Ach! Sounds like you are doing great, it's really good to hear that. You have really come a very long way in the past 20 months, your story is a testament to the possibilities that are out there for the taking.
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well done on quitting smoking. I quit over 8 years ago and can honestly say that after a while the cravings went completely and I never feel like smoking now. I really hope that my craving for alcohol follows a similar path.

Reading about people such as yourself who have achieved 20 months of sobriety gives me a real boost especially today when the AV was working overtime. Don't ever feel alone as we are all in this together on here. If you hadn't posted today I would not have read it. I was struggling but your post calmed me down and made me see sense. Another day alcohol free.

Thank you
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I'm very pleased for you, Acheleus!
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Thank you for the kind responses. Today I am going to a state park to walk on some trails and be near the water. Things are calm in my life today and I have the space for serenity and peace.

I am very concerned about the bar exam. It is in July and I plan on beginning a study routine this month. I'm very glad that I am sober and stable today so I can concentrate all of my energy on this task.

I had been chain smoking for too long so in January I quit smoking cold turkey. It was brutal but I feel calmer and cleaner today. Long, strenuous walks help me and I plan on starting a running regimen next week.

Of course I am still playing music and reading for pleasure. I have a lot to study before finals in May. I'm learning how to depend on myself and not others.

I want to give back and be less selfish. I am working on it.
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