I chickened out

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I chickened out

I made a post several days ago about my troubles finding a sponsor:

All week I was planning on asking this guy at my Saturday meeting to sponsor me and I chicken out today.

During the whole meeting God was sending me signals to do it; the chairperson repeated several times during his comments that getting a sponsor is necessary. And on top of that the name of the guy I was going to ask has the same name as my dog!!

I sent an e-mail to the main AA office in Cleveland asking if they can hook me up with someone and/or maybe I will be more brave in the future.

I know it helps a sponsor when he helps others but I feel weird putting my problems on someone else - I know it is all my ego and I have to do the steps to recover.
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If you truly feel this is the right person we have to ask for help!

I must say I felt the same way, why would anyone want to help me with my problems.. it's really an important thing to have someone walk you through the steps, Kudos to you for taking to this level!

you will be helping this person stay sober too because we have to give back the gift that has been given to us. If this person raised his hand when they announced is there any sponsors in the room they want people to ask them for help!!

Wishing you the best, keep us posted!! You're growing, beautiful thing!! Keep up the good work!
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The worst thing he can say is no.
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Originally Posted by Doug39 View Post

I know it helps a sponsor when he helps others but I feel weird putting my problems on someone else - I know it is all my ego and I have to do the steps to recover.
wait,you bring your problems here, but feel weird putting your problems on someone else. hhhhmmmmmm........

doug, ya wouldnt be putting yer problems ON anyone- you share em to get solutions.

is it ego or fear that kept ya from asking- fear of the sponsor prospect saying ,"no?"
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Part of my apprehension is that he is 15 or 20 years younger then me. But the guy makes good comments and seems to have his S together.

He was talking to someone else after the meeting and I didn't want to but in.

He is usually at the Saturday meeting before me so my original plan was to get there and try to sit next to him - but he ended up getting there at the last minute.
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I hope you do ask.
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Always within the meeting raise your hand and say that you are "looking for an sponsor" that afterwards you are willing to get phone numbers of the ones that are taking new sponsee's.

If the guy you were wanting to ask if he would be your sponsor is there at the next meeting feel free to go up to him before the meeting or afterwards.
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I would tell him straight up that it scares you to ask, but want to know if he's sponsor you. Worst he can do is say no. And if he says no, ask him who he'd recommend to sponsor you.
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I wish I could give you advice on this but I can't. I will say this, just pray about it. Ask for God's help. He will guide you. When the time is right, you'll know it.
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my sponsorperson is considerably younger than i am.

two more points, though, which are more relevant, since agereally is not:
-another option is to ask him if he'd be your temporary sponsor.
- you're not putting your problems on a sponsor. he will not take them

if he strikes you as the kind of person who would try to take your problems on himself, then he likely won't be a good sponsor.
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