It's Different for the Young Alcoholic

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Yes you did post about your health. I am not sure if that would have worked for me. I am quite slow and arrogant. My HP gave me many warnings and clues. I was just too stupid to listen. But I got here when I needed to and was ready.
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Originally Posted by Gottalife View Post
Thanks Ariesagain. I took the chance and will be sixty in may, sober since 22.

One of the common facts is at 22 I was just as close to death as the older alcs. According to the doc, 23 would have been my last birthday.
Last Feb, according to my dr, at 39 I had a year, year and a half at the rate I was going - 40 would have been my last. So grateful it wasn't - as far as I know- and if it won't be because alcohol got me.
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I sober up at the age of 17 back in 1977. It was scary how I could relate to what was written in The Big Book. Thankfully, there was quite a contingent of others around my age trying to get sober back then. They were a great help to getting me back on a course of living and become a productive member of scociety.

All in all, I was made to feel welcome by everyone young and old. Of course there were a few saying I was lucky that I came in so young. I just accepted they meant well and didn't have to explain the pure hell I experienced to get be to AA so young. There was even fewer that commented they spilt more than i drank. I just ignored them.

I admit it was much easier plotting a recovery and life plan by having nothing in my life except a bed in my parents house. It was hard work, life sucked at times, but I've gone through many years of life, living the moment, enjoying living each day, and must say, life is good.
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Thanks Db1105. It is an incredible advantage to be so young. 17 is amazing. But I know it is not luck. It was not like I could see where I would be in twenty years time and made a wise choice to stop. I had no choice. Stop or die.

There were two things against stopping. One, my experience of sobriety was horrible, and two, I had no idea what life could possibly be like without booze. I always associated drinking with good times, and good times with drinking. I thought life should be one long party, even after the party was over and had been replaced with alcoholic misery. I had no other view of life.

AA replaced all that with a much more than sufficient substitute.
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