4 years today

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4 years today

Not a drop folks, not a drop!
Thank you all for being here. I love sobriety. I love this SR family, and I'm loving life. God came into my life and saved me from alcoholic destruction. I was sick and getting worse. Suicide was becoming a viable option. It was killing me in every aspect of my being. I just didn't realize it.
The power of prayer is awesome. It works for me, maybe it can work for you to.
Thanks SR family for being here. I look forward to another year of life!
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Congratulations to you Wayne.
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Big congratulations yo you / your a massive inspiration to me - a big big thank you
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Woooo hoooo!! Happy four years!
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Congrats! Well done.
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Congrats on four years sober!!
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Are you in AA?
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Congratulations Wayne!
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awesome news wayne!!! good job!
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Congrats! Four years is HUGE
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Congratulations Wayne - great stuff

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I tried AA years ago solidkarma. I hadn't hit bottom at the time. I think AA is a great program and fellowship. This time around its been pure faith and prayers. And of course eating right, plenty of sleep and riding my bicycle whenever possible. Anything to stay busy and contribute here at SR. You always have to remember that you're an alcoholic and drinking is never an option. It's a deadend street. Always.
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Congratulations on 4 years .
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Awesome Wayne!!!
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Congratulations on 4 years. You and God are working well together.
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Tremendous accomplishment!
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Happy Birthday Wayne!!!!

I love birthday's. It reminds me to celebrate the miracle that us alcoholics can survive without our disease killing us.
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Congrats on four years sober Wayne!
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