43 months today!

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43 months today!

Almost forgot to check in this month. Not much going on in my life right now. No drinking and very seldom do I think about it. I don't have much to contribute this month but this post is to hold myself accountable.
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Congratulations, and thank you for sharing! People need to see that it is possible. I am celebrating six months. It was harder in some ways than I expected, but easier in other ways, hard to explain. I think the next six months will be easier than these last six.
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continued congrats TNman

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Congratulations Tnman on 43 months sober.
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Congrats on 43 months.

I like hearing this. Whenever I meet someone at an AA meeting that has been sober for a long time it is inspiring.
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Congrats on 43 months sober!! Thank you for sharing your experience.
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WOW! Nicely done my friend
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Way to go Tnman! Always an inspiration and a sign of hope for all who are struggling. Congrats!
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Keep it up man, great job!!
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Congratulations, 43 months is a nice chunk of sober time!
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