My birthday sober

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My birthday sober

Sitting here on my porch entirely bored and sober. All my friends are at the bar and asking me to please come.

I washed my car from top to bottom and I don't even own a hose. Just carried buckets with a cane because I broke my foot in sept.

I just keep watching people run by. It's so upsetting. As a runner, that's the only outlet I had.

I guess I will just keep sitting on this porch alone. A cop just went by. Almost a sign that I am doing the right thing.... I don't want happy birthdays. I didn't post this to get sympathy. Just wondering what purpose I serve I guess.
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Your post just reminded me that I need to wash my car and many reasons why I am grateful to be sober. Happy Birthday and sorry you're feeling down but this too will pass.

Ask your parents, siblings, friends, loved ones and you'll see that your purpose is the world to them. I have been there when I first got sober and still can go there since I do have depression issues. I usually pray and meditate and the answers come.
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If one is a drunk like me?
The type where things get out of hand?
Sober birthdays are a good thing.
Happy Birthday.
from, M-Bob
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Happy birthday - you are doing the right thing! Just think about when you wake up tomorrow sober how good you will feel. You can do this. Treat yourself to something special tomorrow after getting through tonight.
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Happy Birthday BBE

I'd rather spend my life in a quiet and productive way than the way I used to spend them, and every other day besides....

try and remember your life will not always be like this - your foot will heal and you can run will make new sober friends, find new sober interests and basically build a new sober life.

I love my sober life, I know you will too - just try and be patient today

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Happy birthday blueyes. That great conartist know as alcoholism would like you to believe the bar with friends is a better place to be rather than being at home sitting on the porch.....NOT. You're purpose in life is to stay alive. The alcoholism wants to kill you. Stay strong. Stay sober.
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Happy birthday! Even if you feel like there is nothing to celebrate, the fact is, you are alive and sober. That's a wonderful thing!
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