4 weeks sober today!

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Congratulations- I'm in day 7 and have eaten sweets every day I woke up with a headache almost like a hangover/ I need to cut back on the jellies
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Welcome and congratulations on 4 weeks.

I found that bingeing on sugar was a double edged sword. Sure, I liked that sugar high, but the sugar crash left me even more restless, irritable and discontent than I'd have been to start off with (which meant I was more likely to crave alcohol, and also more likely to get into negative conversations or situations with other people, leaving me upset and angsty).

I found that a more complex carbohydrate with some protein mixed in was better. Peanut butter and jam on wholemeal toast, or French toast with fruit and greek yogurt on top. Wholemeal toast with sliced banana, nuts and maple syrup.... goodness, I'm making myself hungry now lol.

Anyway. Welcome. And I wish you all the best for your sobriety and recovery. BB
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It's funny you said it feels like you belong here. That's cause you do belong here, just like the rest of us! I've felt the same way since I came here. October 15, 2016 is my day. Welcome to SR! You have found a wonderful place!!
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Well done! I don't even know you but I'm proud of you and anyone else who can achieve this. I'll hopefully get there one day!
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Keep it up man...congrats on 4 weeks!!
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4 weeks for me too mate. *High five*!

Feels great doesn't it?

Hang in there mate. We are all in this fight together.
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