A really bright place...

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A really bright place...

.... Getting to bed at a decent time, getting some decent, restful sleep, waking up an hour before I have to with a clear mind. Having a cup of coffee before I fry up some eggs. Hanging out here on SR for a little while before work.

Certainly better than a dark place.
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Hang in there, Steve. You CAN do this!
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Sounds good.

Today I am 115 days sober and mornings are still a challenge for me.

I do not wake up with the doom and gloom and awful dread anymore but I am still groggy and it sometimes takes several hours to feel half way decent.

good luck and have a bright and wonderful day.
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I'm with you Steve! Day two again for me as well.
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Glad you're feeling a bit better, Steve. I was reading up on a Buddhist- based recovery plan called Refuge Recovery. Intriguing. For some reason, I thought of you. Peace.
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THERE IT IS!! Good Job!!!!
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Great Job Steve! Praying you stay on the bright side.
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sometimes doing what works feels out of place and awkward at first but once we establish the new patterns it becomes a nice new pattern and habit etc.. and helps break us from the old.
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