Forgotten how to live

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Hal- HI!
(thought a big intro..)
A get the alone bit, the pain and ALL OF IT.. I empathise. It is crap and it sucks- addiction. You however do not suck. Neither, apparently do I. Keep posting, sharing- learning. Read stuff out to your cat. Type until your fingers bleed- lots and lots. 6 in a row if you need to.
My thoughts and support sent across the briny waves. PJ
poetic, no?
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Thanks halfalife for your post, very moving story I can totally relate to a lot you have described, I wish you all the best and keep on keeping on with your recovery
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What an amazing post, it's me to a T only I am a male.

Some great advice here, I hope I am able to follow it.

I need to check in every day, the AV takes over.

Thanks people here we go again, day 2
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