Happy B-day to Meeeeeeeeeee!

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Originally Posted by Done4today View Post
How did it go Darkling?
Hi Steve! Sorry for the delay in replying. Sniffles turned into a major chest cold Wed. night and have been hiding in a mountain of pillows and quilts til this afternoon.

I'm assuming you mean with my son going to the meeting to the meeting?
Short answer: Bad.
Long answer: Extremely bad.

I'd sent him an email [heaven forbid he talk on the phone] and was pretty tearful in trying to explain why it was so important to me that he come.

Didn't hear for him for over a week and I wrote another email that was angry about always being childishly ignored. [We've been thru this one before.]

Got up Wed. to a text from him, explaining that he was working too many hours to be able to come.

1. He's second in command where he works.
2. I first asked him two months ago. Plenty of time to make arrangements. [For some asinine reason, I thought the top guy prob'ly have understood.]

I REALLY lost it. [Tho it was pretty toned down compared to what was in my head.]

Then I cried for hours until 1/2 hour before my friends picked me up for the meeting. Had a stupid fight with a friend at the meeting. Came home and got sick 4 hours later with copd-related crap.

Happy B-day - glad it's over.

Tho is was pretty darn wonderful in the beginning!
Thank you again everyone!
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Hubby DID remember both my AA and my BB [belly-button] birthdays!
He just couldn't call til my BB b-day [Feb 18]
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25 years, you should absolutely brag!!! That is fantastic, congratulations.
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