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Having gotten sober in my teens and now well into my 50's i found life is what you make it, and the quote that one is about as happy they make up their minds to be is true. How do you have fun? go out and have fun.
The list is endless. Skiing, skating bowling, game night shooting pool, going out for dinner to told and new restaurants, hiking, mountain climbing, going to the beach, going to the zoo, going to the library, going to the movies, going to concerts, going to food fest, going to the circus, doing and escape rooms,. kayaking, canoeing, sky diving, golf, tennis going to a basketball game, going to a football game, going to a baseball game. volunteering tutoring students, volunteering at a nursing home, volunteering at a rehab, any time of service work.
Cooking, baking, doing a project like restoring a room in the house, restoring a car, making popcorn climb a tree, ride a horse, or go for a bike ride. take a long drive to nowhere. go to an amusement park. meditate. Visit a church, visit a museum, color in a coloring book, etc., etc., etc.,
Or as my sponsor once told me, just get off your ass and do something.
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We're sure glad you have joined us.

This is a great topic.

For me, life is fun.

I love my wife very much (we talk all day long), I truly love my job and my partners, I love to exercise, I love to read.

And I like sports and love the arts.

I still go to a fair amount of functions where alcohol is served and I usually have a good time.

But I don't really like being around people whose sole personality comes from a bottle.

And I also love my faith and AA and the friends I have met there.

We really hope you hang around.

Do you have any history of depression by any chance?

Sometimes depression can make life seem rather tedious.
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