Question About Withdrawals

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Question About Withdrawals

I relapsed but am nearly 48 hours sober. Sleeping is a struggle. Mostly because I jerk awake feeling very confused. It takes me a few seconds to get my bearings. I'm on a lorazapam taper proscribed by ER doc. But I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this.
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After a binge it usually takes a few days to sleep again, the second night is usually nightmares I can wake myself up from because I don't think I'm fully asleep. It takes time. Try to go to bed the same time you normally would and eventually it will pass.

I've been 2 weeks sober and I sleep like a baby.
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Try not to stress about it.
Withdrawal is nasty but necessary.
It'll ease in a day or two.
Just try and remember you don't ever have to go through it again.
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Detox is not pleasant for any of us.
Your experience sounds within the bounds of normal though flyfisher.

I hope you'll start to feel better soon.

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Thanks for your answers guys. I felt surprisingly great during the day. Shakes were all but gone, just drinking water like a camel. Pounding vitamins and nutritious food along with my lorazepam taper. Last hurdle is sleep on the detox end. I let the frankly great way I felt during yesterday making me underestimate the difficulty of the whole sleep thing.
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During my 27 years of daily drinking my quality of sleep got worse as time went on.

At the tail end of my drinking I had severe sleep apnea, I was very sleep deprived, depressed and exhausted all the time. The only time I felt half way decent was when I was drunk - and eventually I would pass out - often landing on my face, breaking my glasses and being left bruised and/or bleeding.

How I functioned all those years in that state was a miracle. I was on auto pilot and booze was my fuel.

Today at 103 days sober I am a new man - that dark period of my life is a fuzzy memory.
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Detox isn't fun. The sleep problems were horrible for a few days. But now, just over a week out and I am sleeping better than I have in years.
Hang in there, it will end!
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