Drinking Dream

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Drinking Dream

Last night I had my first drinking dream that involved diet soda. It was oddly as terrifying a dream as the alcohol drinking dreams.

I started a new weight loss/work out program on December 26th which included dropping soda's - my sober drink of choice has been and still is Topo-Chico Sparkling/Mineral Water, and so far my streak is in tact. I guess my body is telling me that it misses its Diet Dr. Pepper, yet my dream involved Diet Coke! lol.

My first sober date was October 12, 2011, with a relapse in April of 2015, new sober date is July 10, 2015. Gotta add here that I am an Alcoholic! I have the dearest possible 'friend' known to mankind who is on this journey too and she told me recently that she talked to her doc about her alcoholism, which struck me when I heard her say that, realizing that I have a hard time calling myself what I am, which is an alcoholic. It was so refreshing and in a way inspiring to hear those words from her.

So, I have been in and out of here, mostly lurking and reading from the shadows, and today I felt the desire and 'need' to do this brain dump in a new thread.

I need to add that my daughter is getting married in the next few months, and I feel so blessed with my sobriety and new life that I am leading sober, and the new relationship that sobriety has provided for me and my two kids. With God's help I will walk my daughter down the isle a sober man!

Peace and that you to all of you! Thanks for reading this brain dump of mine!
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I might add that after my hip replacement surgery last May, I became addicted to hydrocodone. That was not fun. That drug to me is evil and I will never take it again for pain relief.
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Right I understand the hydrocodone dilemma. I recently had implant surgery including bone grafts on all teeth...six months healing time...I am very aware that I am prone to addiction. Still wonder if it is hereditary? Both sides of the family alcohol/drug problems. Long story short I told my doctor of my concern...we made sure to keep a close eye on it. No refills after so long and I am happy it worked out. The entire process took a year to complete. NOW I am on day four no alcohol. I joined SR years ago. Great support. I am staying close to it again...WE CAN BEAT THIS!!!
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I'm glad to see you back posting whodathunk
congrats on your sober time

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