Havent been here in 4 years

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Havent been here in 4 years

Hey, when i first logged onto this forum back in 2010 i was a young alcoholic (around 23) and i had just started drinking. Here it is 7 years later. I thought i could stop back then but i did not. The status of my life is that i changed careers around 1.5 years ago which has slowed my drinking (i stopped for a total of 4 months last year and i havent drunk in over 3 weeks now (early january). I hadnt gone to the doctor since 2009 and was scared to death to go but i did a few months ago and by the grace of god they said they saw no signs (no decreased kidney function, no liver damage etc) I would say ive been lucky in my life and thats part of the reason why im trying to stop for good. How many chances am i gonna get. I havent logged onto these forums because i didnt feel a need to, i was still drinking, didnt make any effort to stop so i would just be bsing myself.

The thing that really made me slow down my drinking was my career change. Working retail for years i decided to pursue my passion for computers. For the past year and a half ive attained 5 IT certifications and i knew in my heart that computers was and is the only thing i like more then drinking and want more then drinking which is alot of the reason ive slowed my drinking (i couldnt study like i wanted being drunk all the time) What i can tell anyone young person now is that you only have one body.

If something goes wrong because of alcohol use you wont have anyone to blame but yourself, and nobody is going to have those problems except you and your body. You can play games for years thinking its a joke but life goes by you get older and eventually things can happen. Are you gonna wait until youre screwed before you stop? What is it gonna take for you to stop? If your blood pressure is just a tad bit high will you still drink since its not too bad? if you just have a little fat in your liver will you still drink? Because it can always be reveresed right? What do the doctors know right? Terminal damage takes like 20 years right? These are all battles youll have to face in life as an alcoholic. How will the book of your life play out? Im still trying to at least change mine
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Welcome back, Batman.
Hope you keep it up.
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Glad you are back Batman, and happy to hear that you've made a decision to quit for good. I hope you can stick around and share your progress with us. Best of luck in the career change too, sounds exciting!
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Welcome back TheBatman! And great advice.
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Good to hear from you TB
You can change things in life - city, job girlfriend etc - and that can have a positive effect on drinking, for a while....

but I always ended back at square one, sooner or later.

I'm also glad you've quit for good

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