One week!!

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One week!!

Yup, one week for me !!!!!! >happy dance< Works been super busy, so that helps.... but yeah, 1 week...yay me!!

This this may be TMI, but one of the biggest changes I've noticed other than the drunk feeling and being hung over, is in my bowel more black, loose stools....aka whiskey sh*ts....they're normal!! Who knew pooping could make one so happy, LoL
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Congrats on a week

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Congrats on your first week! It will continue to get better.
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Great job on a week! Keep going- you will keep feeling better in every way.

What's your program to stay sober and build those days and weeks?
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Originally Posted by ScaredOfJack View Post
...Who knew pooping could make one so happy...
That was one of the many things I celebrated in my first weeks. I took note of every little positive change and relished in it. That was one of the things that got me thru.... keep it up.
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Congrats on one week!
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Great news SOJ, glad you are seeing some positive health signs early on as well. It only gets better so keep at it.
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Congrats on one week!!!! Good job!!!
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poop matters!


seriously. it really does.

congratulations on your first week!
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Originally Posted by ScaredOfJack View Post

Yup, one week for me !!!!!! >happy dance< Works been super busy, so that helps.... but yeah, 1 week...yay me!!
That is great now please keep doing what you have been doing and most will add more sober tools to their toolbelt as time goes on.

Many others at this point will start to take it for granted and slip away.
Be not one.

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yay you!

of course poop matters - just think of dogowners, always's a good indicator of things working well
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Good poops matter.
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COngrats on a week. Not TMI for me, its one of the more pleasant effects of my sobriety....a good appetite and a regular bathroom schedule. Poops matter!
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