How to stop drinking?

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Wow people, enough with 'try to control it', 'can you drive after 1 or 2, or 'that's not enough to qualify as a problem!!!

19 knows he has a problem and needs our help. I could and did drive and finally got nailed and blew a .25! .08 gets you used in Texas.

I am glad the poster has the moxie and sack to face this now before he goes spiraling down that same rabbit hole that I almost never came out of.

19, I recommend AA and see a qualified shrink. And keep posting here and read all you can. Don't try to control or manage what you know is a problem, it most likely will not end well.
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For me the answer to the question/title of this thread was to enter treatment and then matriculate into AA.

And to stay in AA and develop and maintain a daily relationship with God (see Step 11).

I haven't had a drink since I did all that, and it's been a while now.
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