Helping our bodies to heal?!

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Helping our bodies to heal?!

So anyone who's been through this knows... after abusing our bodies for years we need to allow our bodies to heal. Our bodies need to flush out all the poisons and most likely "re-calibrate" themselves to consume normal food/fluids.

So, what three things are most important early in sobriety? I'm concentrating on the physical side of things here (the mental/emotional/spiritual end is another subject for another day!)

I'll take a stab at it:

1) Plenty of fluids (water).

2) Plenty of sleep!

3) Stay active (get the heart pumping).

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Not sure I follow. In withdrawal, many people can't sleep or eat or drink and getting active might trigger a heart attack or stroke because of high blood pressure. But if you're speaking in terms of post withdrawal and starting the journey of sobriety I would say the following:

1. Good nutrition, not crazy, just eat decent food.
2. Some type of activity whether it be weight training or bowling and anything in-between.
3. Remain engaged with sober people, recovery forums (like SR) and try and educate yourself on what your future will be like. This will help heal the mind which may be frazzled from the anxiety and worry we often experience.
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I'd add:

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I'm under the impression that if the body is fed / quenched / mobile, the healing pretty much takes care of itself.

I don't want to put personal diet advice on here, but diet is at least 90% of the equation. It's such a shame that it often times gets left behind.
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Great thread, thanks for sharing.
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I would agree that diet/nutrition is the most important to replenish the body and mind of all the lost nutrients, vitamins and minerals. A ton of water to help flush the toxins. My favorite the first 30 days was a smoothie with fruits, super green powder, protein powder and almond milk. Helped with the sugar cravings and supplied me with calories and good nutrients.
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You guys get the drift... exactly what all of us in recovery need to hear. I think allowing ourselves to sleep as long as needed is huge. Cut out evening plans if needed. Sleep is when the body repairs itself.
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In my case, a good night's sleep has been the best benefit. I spent the last 10 years of my drinking career without a full night's rest. Now wonder I felt like crap all the time!
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michael66 nailed it well patience!

I read stuff about how booze depletes our bodies of this and that and how we are basicly malnoursished and you cant just get healthy again by eating well for 30 days or somthing it takes considerably longer. So i'd say eating your fruits and veggies in abundant amounts is pretty ideal.

Sleep makes a lot of sense as well. I proabbly never got a good nights rest while drinking I had a lot of catching up to do. The thing is with kids and all that was still a rather large struggle to get the much needed sleep. But if you can get the sleep by all means go for that too!
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Physically doing what's right in front
of me at that moment and time. Doing
the next best thing. First Things First
to stay focus and doing what's important
at that moment.

Since I wanted to remain sober more
than anything, taking the knowledge
that was taught to me in rehab and
putting it into action then that would
mean for me to physically......

Drive myself to AA meetings, discussion,
step, and big book meeting to listen, learn,
absorb and apply lots of important ways
to remain sober in my everyday affairs.

At home, to physically take care of my
family. To cook, yard work, play and be
interactive with my 2 little ones.

To physically sit outside where I had
quiet time to read my big book, to listen
to AA speaker cassette tapes at that time
on my portable cassette player.
And bake many awesome goodies for
all my AA meeting I attended.

All this physical work I did and
still do helps me remain sober,
healthy, happy and honest on
a daily bases.
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I put sleep at the top of my list, too. Definitely. I am just past 11 mo (28 days til one year!!) and I still find this is HUGE.

From what I have read and been taught, it (can take) takes the body one to two years to heal itself, particularly if you were severely alcoholic like me.

Eating at first was a challenge and I needed to gain weight. I gave myself a VERY long runway once the sugar cravings really hit - so from about 60 days till 2 weeks ago ice cream was a common companion- although the rest of my diet is excellent. I started running a little in May and in the past two months have done 5Ks; I also started a very active job (a restaurant with four flights of stairs) in Aug.

And, truthfully, time. Time is the biggest healer of all.
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Rest and sleep are at the top of my list too.

Everyday I listen to my body, and like someone previously mentioned, I cancel plans if I know I need to rest. And unlike my drinking days, I *don't* beat myself up over it!
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I haven't had too many food cravings. I did really increase my fresh fruit intake and did away almost entirely with processed foods. My only issue with all the extra fruit is gas and bloating... big time. Like, I could engage in chemical warfare if I'm not careful!
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You left some type of spiritual awaking out of the options -- that's a shame. Could be the one thing that keeps us sober?

Also helps to repair the body I think?

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Without any doubt, I agree with this topic. Day by day our body going to heal. If you recognise that, you will find that, day by day, our bodies are increasing the weight. It's really bad, we need to find a solution of it.
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Just eat normally, sleep normally and go for a walk from time to time. Unless a doctor has prescribed differently and you are being treated for an physical illness of sorts. Otherwise i'm not sure what there is to undo?
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Originally Posted by Mountainmanbob View Post
You left some type of spiritual awaking out of the options -- that's a shame. Could be the one thing that keeps us sober?

Also helps to repair the body I think?

I will admit I am still finding my way through this one, M-bob!!
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Cutting out smoking is of course a hugely beneficial thing to do if you're coming off drink or drugs. I used to smoke a lot but basically stopped a few years ago, except for relapses from time to time when I drink. But I know that all the other things people are talking about here - good sleep patterns, exercise and a healthy diet - become much more achievable when we don't smoke.
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You can not even drink alcohol and still kill yourself by eating excessive bad foods.

Whatever you put in your body causes a good or bad reaction. And there is no, " a little bit of poison is good for you." So anything that would kill you in a large dose is not good for you in a small dose.

I'm not referring to meds, I mean foods.
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I began weight watchers when I started my recovery last year, which allowed me to monitor healthy eating, although I fell off the healthy food wagon during the holidays, I blame the cookies.
Getting sleep, and exercise were important, I also think taking the time to breathe and be mindful of the moment has helped me.
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