Helping our bodies to heal?!

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A good nights sleep followed by an early morning rise with the realisation that its another beautiful day on planet earth, hangover/addiction free. For me its almost like an adrenalin rush, it feels so good.
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Helping our bodies to heal?

Without any doubt, I agree with this topic. Day by day our body going to heal. If you recognize that, you will find that, day by day, our bodies are increasing the weight. It's really bad, we need to find a solution of it.
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Good one. Great thread.
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Good topic. I agree with a lot of suggestions. And having been previously married to a dietician / nutritionist, the suggestions for healthy eating are spot on. A good Diet is so important for the body in many ways.

For me, this sober go around, I have been focused on healthy (clean) eating, exercise, and sleep for healing the body. God knows I have abused it enough. I spent a lot of time doing damage to it, so I also realize there are no quick fixes.

Peace. CW
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Someone added the meds comment, which I didn't quite think to bring up in my first answer.

IME, a supervised med regimen has critical psychological as well as physical impact. Some might think what I take is pretty intense- it works for me. One of my meds is synthroid as I have fluctuated between hypo and hyper thyroidism over time, so my GP is key for this; three other meds with physical impact are prescribed by my psych - seroquel nightly for sleep (it also has an anti-anxiety component); campral (acamprosate) for cravings (I have taken it since I quit and have had absolutely no cravings so it works for me); and lorazepam (Ativan) as needed for anxiety. I also went on Paxil a couple/three months ago and this has impacted my sleep (increased the sleepiness significantly at first and took about 6 weeks to even out) as well as the needed treatment for mild-depression. The lamictal I take is for mental purposes related to BPD.

I am a big advocate of meds when / if needed so this is important to consider, IMO and IME.

A total view of our health seems wisest to me. Also- this does include gentleness with our expectations.
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