Almost a month...

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Almost a month...

Hello SR friends and family- Sometimes I don't have a whole lot to say but part of my sobriety plan is just checking in and posting...

Coming up on a month, sober has been good. It's quieter and I don't miss the hangovers, although I have some phantom hangovers which are interesting.

I have been eating everything in sight last couple weeks, and I don't care. That will regulate starting this week and food is not a big thing for me. I feel good without alcohol, like at least I don't have that nagging negativity floating around my head the day after getting loaded. Sleep is better. My legs used to get hot in bed when drinking and it drove me crazy. I need a cool room and bed to sleep and that heat really was an issue. It's gone.

Yesterday with 2 NFL games on, it used to be a classic all day drinking fest. I drank yesterday for sure, a bunch of Dasani sparkling water.

I have more optimism, even though my life is really bad in many ways. At least now I can fight for a better life and look myself in the mirror in the morning and not see a red faced veiny- nosed hungover guy living a demented life.

The thing that sticks out to me was how babyish and immature my drinking was. And the truth is I had to grow up a little and in an old fashioned manner just knock it the hell off. Enough!

I hope this note finds you all well. Have a great week all.
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Great stuff.
You're so right- drinking made me act in such an irrational, childish way.
Let's keep that in the past, eh?
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That's some great insight CLAS and congrats on your month of sobriety. I also agree, my addiction was incredibly selfish and immature too. I'm so glad we've found a way to change that.
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Great stuff CLAS - congrats

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Sounds great! The best part is, that it keeps getting better and better.
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Good going!
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Heard a funny story yesterday- a small town outside Dublin has a problem with hard drugs and addicts. There was one guy who was addicted to both drink and drugs and everybody knew it. He stole from shops, houses and people. Apparently people crossed the road when they saw him through fear.

But...he got better. And now when he's in the town, it's the ADDICTS who try to avoid him because he talks to them for hours about how great his new life is and they can't listen to him!!
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