72 hrs....

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72 hrs....

72 hrs with no drinking and I'm feeling good. Maybe a little more pissy than usual, but nothing too more pissy than when I have PMS....LoL. Physically I feel good though... the insomnia sucks...but I know it will pass. I can fall asleep, but than I will be awake in 3-4 hrs.....I've always been that way though....but I would wake up, have a few more shots, then pass back out. No more though, I'm sooo done feeling like crap. Having that nasty morning after taste in your mouth, the metalic taste and tingly feeling on your tongue....the bloated belly, heart burn, dizzzy head, shakes....I could go on and on....I'm done! I say that evertime the AV peeks his head around the corner...."I'm done." Besides, I owe it to my liver, if I don't stop it's going to divorce , lol.
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Keep moving forward scaredofjack
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Keep on keeping on!! You're doing great and you can achieve long term sobriety.
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I found that the first three days were always key. Once I got past the first days, it got better, slowly, but better. Yeah, the mood swings were about as bad as the insomnia!
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