Socialising sober

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Socialising sober

Went out last night. With a lovely friend for a quick bite, catch up and chat. No booze. We had a lovely evening and was home by 9pm. The whole night cost us 25. My friend said "it's so nice to be able to just drink sparkling water and not feel as if I have to drink wine".

Now, go back to my boozing days and it would have been a totally different scenario: firstly I would be secretly jumping for joy for a night out to justify a booze up! I would have knocked back as much wine as I could. I would probably have not bothered eating. On leaving I would definitely have wanted more and would have "popped" to another friend's house to chat & drink more. I would eventually get home, turn on some music, booze more.

Waking the next morning feeling like hell, feeling like death, the same old paranoia, terror and dread. Today I feel wonderful and again got home last night early enough to do whatever I fancied: knit, play with my dogs, watch telly. What a wonderful life to be sober xxx
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Sober date 5/1/13
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Great isn't it!
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It's pretty awesome, isn't it?! No downside for me.
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Yep, and all that time we thought there was not possible way to "have fun" without drinking....another myth debunked ;-)
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once i got used to it it was nice. for a while for me tho i had to try and focus on the bright side as i felt like some kinda lost puppy without my brew. But once remaining sober started to become the new normal i was like yeah this is pretty nice not obsessing over a drink all night etc..
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Yes! Plus now when my husband and I go out for dinner, when we get the check, we marvel at how much less it is without all those alcoholic drinks. It's really quite amazing. Not to mention, we can really enjoy the taste of our meal!
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That describes my life 6+ months ago, wow. I have to admit I am still struggling with obsessing about drinking when I am in a social situation. I notice people drinking and it effects my mood. If I'm at a friends and they have liquor displayed it takes a lot to not focus on it. I still cannot go to parties because the temptation is so much. I still crave it. It took me 3 months to go to the grocery store alone because I did not trust myself to not buy the booze. It is getting easier though.
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Everything is better without booze. Everything.
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I'm not a huge one for socializing, before or after recovery. But when I do, I find myself doing a much better job at it sober. I'm actually BETTER at conversation and less self conscious - the total opposite of what I would've thought before recovery.

Who woulda thunk it?
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