Please help

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Please help

I had stopped. Then I started feeling scared and overwhelmed.

I just wanted the fear and insecurity to stop.

I've been drinking for 3 days.

I can't stop. I just stuff my feelings. I can't handle it anymore.

Please help. I cannot take anymore trauma.
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Welcome back Sassygrace...sorry to hear you are in a bad state. Do you think supervised Detox might be the way to go? Not sure what you've done in the past and how it went last time you quit.
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Is there anyone you can call?
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Sassygrace. It is hard to stop. Many of us have been there, so don't feel bad about it. But you do need to go through those hard early hours (and then days). Having someone local help would be great, but otherwise keep talking to us here.

God bless you. It's a tough time for you, but you can do this.
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I could not stop on my own. Can you get to a hospital and do a medically supervised detox? Can you call a friend? Call 911? do you have any sort of sober network in your area? Someone you can call?

I've been there...and came out the other side. You can too.

Sending you big hugs.
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Sassy, whatever is in your past can be healed.

Whatever trauma you have suffered, you can come back from it.

Have you ever considered therapy? There are many people out there who want to help you if you ask them.

You can also call AA on a local number and someone can talk with you.
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Hi Sassy,

Are you home by yourself? Is there someone you can call to come over and take you to the hospital? It might be helpful to detox there, and then have the doctor offer some suggestions for treatment around your area.

I know right now it feels impossible, but you can do this.
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You mentioned trauma, do you care to share?
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I am glad you are seeking help, but an online forum can only do so much. It sounds like you need help from local services. Please reach out there.
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Sassy, I hope that you contact your dr or go to an ER for help. Please take care of yourself.
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Perhaps you have taught yourself a lesson: that drinking doesn't take away the pain, it makes it worse. I was desperate and went to AA, which saved my life. Without it I couldn't have stayed sober. A big hug.
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