Relationship voids

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Originally Posted by JackDsMissus View Post
Can't really comment on the relationship void, I can be a love addict in that area and now gone completely the other way. Aside from toying with going back to my childs father a couple years ago, I've been celibate for a long azz time. I'm now an avoidant. I hope to work on this (and other issues) doing the steps (when I find a sponsor).

I am in your shoes regarding school though. I went back 4 months ago and I am finding it really tough. Infact, I kinda want to throw in the towel. Following your thread with interest.
I know the feeling! This is my third time starting over in three years.
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Originally Posted by BrendaChenowyth View Post
I know the feeling! This is my third time starting over in three years.
I've tried a couple times as well! I know I need to do something big like school to improve my situation but can't handle big things right now. Its quite a pickle :/
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I have had this longing and search for fulfillment in recovery as well. Particularly, as a recovering sex and love addict. Especially in the early days of my sobriety from using people, to meet my ego demands. I've found a few ways to help myself with this "need".

One, is to go deep into a body oriented connection. That can be dance, getting a massage, self pleasuring, or anything that gets me into my senses and body. Dancing with others is a great way to have this connection, without being overtly sexual. There is an expression, or releasing that can result. Also, exploring more creative pursuits can bring relief as well.

I believe our sexuality in it's essence, is about our spiritual longing and need for meaning and sharing ourselves and another. This is healthy and normal. But when it is a craving, I am made aware that these other areas are not in balance in my life. If you can be sexual without any strings or attachment issues, I'd say by all means, find yourself a friend with benefits! I personally cannot keep it that simple!
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