Memory Issues ?

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Memory Issues ?

Have any of you had memory issues that have risen 1 or more years after you have quit? If so what if anything helped you? I have had several executive physicals since quitting drinking and they always come up awesome. Sometimes I will have moments where I can not remember a relatives name or I will be driving and can not remember where I am for a minute. I am not asking for any medical advice and I do have a doctor that I see on a regular basis.
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I think many of us blank out from time to time. The issue becomes more serious based on the types of blanking incidents and how often they occur. I would talk to my physician. Be as specific as you can about the things that have happened. Physicians like specifics.
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The book discussed in the is thread has helped many understand the ravages of drinking. Thiamine deficiency is common in alcoholics and can effect memory. B1 has helped me over the last few years by taking a good multi vitamin.

Information is readily available regarding this on Internet.
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