Age you sought sobriety?

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1. 44 years old
2. 30ish years
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Entered recovery at 30yrs old.
Drank for approximately 13 yrs.
Sober for 26 yrs. (8-11-90)

What an AWESOME Gift...!!!!!
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Started drinking at age 14.

Stopped at age 43.

Sober for the past 7+ years.
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Originally Posted by paulokes View Post
Got sober at 30...6 years of warning signs, 4 years of problem drinking, 8 years of Groundhog day. It could have been so much worse.

I heard once many people develop a problem around 30 and delay seeking help for ten years. Actual mileage may vary, depending on circumstance, level of pain and one's tolerance for it...

Wow- I haven't heard this but that pretty much describes me. I had my first drink at 16, and drinking wasn't a problem for years. Some typical "fun" issues and hangovers, but all was good and I was successful, etc.

After my divorce at 29, I was a young professional single woman with a big budget and I started having a lot of fun. Til it became a bigger and bigger problem around 31, 32....and I quit this year at 39 after...PHEW....a LOT of bad stuff.

One funny thing I realized is that I quit a couple years before my mom started her drinking (she was 42 when the terrible years began and she says the beginnings of her problem drinking started around 35....).

Glad to have entered my 40s sober- so far, best decade EVER. Look forward to being like the people I see in my meetings who are celebrating 20 or 30 years in their 60s and 70s!!
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i quit at 33 was a daily drinker since 19 or 20. The last 4 years or so of my drinking i got pretty unhinged.

5.5 years sober now thank god.
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i dont remember my 1st drink, but the 1st one i remember i was 13.
when i got sober i was still 13 mentally, but 36 physically.

i was an an AA speaker meeting and the woman had me in awe-42 years old and had just celebrated 28 years sober.
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45, after 30 years. The last 5 years or so were the main problem drinking years, though I would binge periodically before that.
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Age 43.
Drank and used for 28 years.
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48. Probably became an alcoholic around the age of 40.
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Friend of Jimmy B
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22. I didn't really seek it. The day I got sober it was actually the last thing I was seeking. The joke was on me 'cause here I am.

I drank for maybe 8-9 years. Also did a lot of other substances.

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I'm 37 and finally getting sober. Drank alcoholically for about 10 years, but had been working up to it for about five years prior to that. The last five years were awful, drinking every day with absolutely no control over it.
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I started drinking around 17-18, it became a problem around 23 and got very bad 25 on. I decided around 29 that I was going to stop drinking at 30 years old. It was hard but I did it, had a few pill issues since then but doing well now and will be 35 this year. Best choice I ever made was to stop drinking, it was only going to get worse.
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Sobriety at age 43. Drank for a good solid 27 years, the last few of which were unhinged.
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Sobered up one month short of my 18th birthday
Started drink at 11
Haven't had a drink since 1977
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Binge drinking started about 14. Stopped drinking at 20 when I had my daughter. Drinking became a problem for me around 30. Started trying to quit (half halfheartedly) at about 35. I'm 42 now, sober 13 days and will never drink again.
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Started around 13, alcohol an absolute central part of my family and social life even at this time, .except for me who quit last July at 55 years, that's lots of years in between.
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Started...age 70. It's my first attempt at on day 210.
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I have been trying to get sober since I started getting drunk! HA! Off and and on. We are striving for permanent off now.
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