Congratultions ScottFromWI on 4 years!

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Congrats on 4 years Scott!
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Congratulations on four years!! You are one of the guiding lights here on SR! Thank you for always taking the time to offer kind, and encouraging responses to posts.

I know you have made a difference in my recovery, and I am quite sure many others on here.

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Happy 4th Birthday Scott! Thank you too for your service here on SR!!

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awesome, Scott; congratulations!
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Wow! That is so awesome! Words really cannot express it, but I want you to know how wonderful I think this is!

Great job, great work, great dedication, it's just a wonderful accomplishment!
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Congratulations, Scott! I remember you from when I first joined SR. You weren't *too* far ahead of me and I always found your posts insightful.

Thank you for being a good friend to our community. You bring a wise, supportive perspective to our world here.

Way to go!
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That is amazing and SO INSPIRATIONAL!

Bravo, you!
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Congratulations Scott and thank you for all you do here!!
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Congrats Scott! Four years is amazing!
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Four years and 2.33 billion miles around the sun! Woot and woot!
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Community Greeter
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Just saw this . 4 years is fabulous, Scott! Thanks for all the wise words you share with us. Happy to be on this journey with you.
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AWESOME milestone Scott, congratulations my friend!!
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Better late than never .....CONGRATULATIONS ON 4 YEARS!
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